Efficient data mining will require additional software/investment . Data mining services like hhSmithy will save you a lot of time and for a fixed price you will get all the information (import millions of hands) on your opponents playing style . The more information you have on your opponents the better .

Data mining Services

hhSmithy – hhSmithy offers large amounts of datamined hands. You can get all the benefits of datamined hands without having to go to the trouble of datamining yourself. hhSmithy allows you to get your hands on millions of hands instantly. It would take you weeks or months to datamine this amount of data yourself.

With datamined hands in your Poker Tracker / Holdem Manager database you will have a massive advantage at the tables. You can seek out the biggest fish and stay away from the biggest winners.

You can purchase both no-limit and limit holdem cash game hands for Poker Stars, iPoker, Poker Stars.EU, OnGame, Party Poker and Winamax. You can even get Omaha hands for the iPoker network. Try them out and increase your winrate today.

Poker Edge – Available with all major poker rooms ( PokerStars , PartyPoker , Titan ) , PE gives you access to massive information in real-time . The PE program itself has a HUD (Heads Up Display for stats ) , this is a big advantage since you won’t be needing to import any hand histories or use additional tracking/analysis software PokerTracker.

You can select from three subscription types (Low-Mid-Unlimited from $4.95 to $39.95 monthly fee)

Warning (Is data mining allowed) – You should be aware that some poker rooms prohibit data mining and third party data mining tools . Check T&C before data mining .