You probably associate the phrase “poker data mining” with computer programming geeks who spend their time mining data online.You have also perhaps heard of the term used in line with sales marketing and leads generation.But do data_miningyou know that poker players can learn something from geeks and leads generators?There’s such a thing as data mining in poker – and it’s something no serious online poker player can afford to ignore.

The first requirement is a data mining program or software (also known as poker tracking or poker mining tools).This data mining software will then collect information about whatever game you have designated.What it does is record and note hand histories – how the players in the table play their cards and how they bet.If you are one of the players at the table/s you are mining, then your information will be included in the final data.The data will be stored in your computer hard drive; it will be available for analysis whenever you are ready.

What You Get from data mining poker

Poker data mining  is done for two main purposes.First, you can use it to record your own playing and betting patterns.Second, you can use it to record other players’ playing and betting histories.

If you use your data mining software for the first purpose, you can easily review your own poker playing history.You will be able to critique your own playing style.When you lose, you’ll be able to study what you did wrong (if any) and if you win, you’ll be able to ascertain what factors led to your victory so you can try to recreate them the next time you play.Data mining in poker can therefore help you improve your game.

On the other hand, data gleaned about other players are equally important.Using poker analytical software, you can do several things with your data.First, you can create poker playing and betting pattern analysis for each of the players in your favorite poker room.This way, you’ll be able to find out who are tight, loose or plainly inept in your poker room.Thus, data mining in poker can help you find prey to hunt the next time you play poker online.

Poker data minig

On the other hand, you can also analyze the data to come up with general conclusions.For instance, if you want to know what percentage of the poker room players are fishes, you can do so.You can also find out the general level of expertise of the players in your poker room, the odds of winning in certain tables, the average pot in specific tables, flop percentages, etc.Such information is good to know in case you’re thinking of devising your own unique poker playing strategy.

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